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john cottle


"I have been feeding Brookby Herbs Echinacea Organic Plus and the Herbal Health blend to my Grand Prix show jumpers for the last two years and I have been most impressed with the results. We used Echinacea Organic Plus for respiratory problems and found a remarkable improvement in the horses health. It also appeared to build the immunity to the many bugs that are now prevalent amongst horses. I am now a convert to natural products, especially Echinacea Organic Plus and I would strongly recommend the use of Brookby Herbs' products."

John Cottle, Grand Prix Champion, Clevedon, NZ

"Free Mover Plus Turned my horses into 5 year olds! I am so happy with your product, i have seen such an amazing difference in our 26yr old gelding that i have now put a couple of our other older ponies on the Free Mover as well.I have some younger children riding these ponies and it is wonderful to see them enjoying their work again, and being able to use their vast experience to teach these kids the joys of riding and owning a horse. "Vanessa Christensen

Free Mover 

Joint Relief Formula For Horses

 Steady Mare 

For Moody Mares

 Sneeze Free 

For Cold & Allergy Relief For Horses

 Organic Free Mover 
Joint Relief For Dogs
 Natures Calmer

Behavioural & Calming Formula


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