Canine Arthritis - Organic Free Mover

Canine Arthritis - Organic Free Mover
Canine Arthritis Treatment Can Benefit from Including Natural Remedies
Canine arthritis treatment can be expensive and with side effects that can be distressing. Dogs that suffer from stiff joints can benefit from herbs in many ways that possibly you hadn’t thought of before. They can provide a means of enhancing your dogs’ quality of life by providing a safe form of flexibility and movement in the joints, critical to a dogs’ enjoyment of life and a great add on to conventional canine arthritis treatment if that is the way you choose to go.

Stiff Joints can be as debilitating for animals as they are for humans and maintaining a healthy body before the onset of illness is an important part of preserving quality of life. Canine arthritis treatments are often prescribed after the fact but there are herbs you can feed to maintain your dogs joints in a healthy preventative manner.

Herbal supplements that are completely natural and without the side effects often associated with synthetic canine arthritis treatments are fabulous for maintaining a healthy skeletal system plus they are great for dogs who are involved in agility training.. These herbs are also ideal for the older dog to help keep joints supple and help create good circulation.

Devil’s Claw is a particularly popular herb for the nutritional maintenance of the musculo-skeletal system and for dogs involved in agility training this is a wonderful supportive herb. 

To help maintain healthy muscles and connective tissue in a strong and healthy condition, we have developed an organically certified herbal extract Organic Free Mover which is perfect for the older dog and ideal for the competitive dog as well.

    • For the nutritional maintenance of the musculo-skeletal system
    • Give old dogs a new lease of life
    • Enhance free movement and flexibility of joints
    • Natural joint maintenance
    • Prepare for dog agility training to make your dog a natural champion


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Organic Free Mover - Traditionally used as a natural canine arthritis treatment and for maintaining joints and muscles in a healthy condition. Herbs can help neutralise acid in the body and contribute vital vitamins and minerals for a healthy functioning circulatory system. A real customer favourite for the older dog to get those joints moving again and for those active dogs that need a little something extra to keep joints conditioned. Get your dog moving today.

Ease your dog’s joints for as little as $6 a month

For as little as $6 a month you can help ease your dog’s joints and give them a real lift in vitality and performance. Because these herbal extracts come in a concentrated form, you only need to feed small amounts (5-10 drops twice daily) using the easy dropper dispenser. Drops can be fed either via food, water or directly into the mouth.

Directions For Use:
Dosage: For small dogs 5-10 drops twice daily. Mix in with food or water.
Medium to large dogs 10-15 drops twice daily
A 3.4 oz bottle contains approximately 3-4 months dosage.
These herbal extracts have a shelf life of 2 years.

Certified Organic and GE Free

To help maintain a healthy muscular-skeletal system and enhance dog agility.

All ingredients have been grown and produced without the use of chemical fertilisers or pesticides. This means no hidden or harmful elements, just pure and safe, quality herbs for your animals. Based in organic cider vinegar. Contains Devil’s Claw, White Willow, Nettle, Meadowsweet, Hawthorn, Rosehips and Kelp.

Herb Dictionary

Here are just some of the essential herbs for the maintenance of healthy canine joints and canine arthritis treatment

Devil's Claw (root)
(Harpagophytum Procumbens)

  • For the maintenance of the muscular-skeletal system
  • Nature’s own joint remedy
  • Shouldn’t be fed to pregnant bitches or where gastric ulcers are present

White Willow (bark)
(Salix alba)

  • The origin of aspirin
  • Good for digestive system

Meadow Sweet (herb)
(Filipendula ulmaria)

  • Origin of aspirin
  • Neutralises the acid in the system

Nettles (aerial parts)
(Urtica dioica)

  • Nature’s own cleansing tonic
  • Rich in iron and vitamin C
  • Increase circulation

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50 ml       100 ml      200 ml     500 ml
$21.95   $ 34.95 $58.95


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