Equine Joint Supplements - Free Mover Plus

Equine Joint Supplements - Free Mover Plus
Equine Joint Supplements and Stiff Muscles.

Equine joint supplements don't need to be full of artificial additives and chemicals. Herbs can be used as equine joint supplements and used to help maintain a healthy musculo-skeletal system, which is critical in the case of older horses. Many horses become stiff because of old age, injuries or poor nutrition. By supplementing your horse's diet with some natural equine joint supplements such as essential herbs, you can help maintain healthy flexible joints and a much more free moving horse. Laminitis and navicular also create similar problems for horses and can be treated with the same herbs in a maintenance fashion.

Herbs will:

  • help maintain a healthy musculo-skeletal system
  • improve flexibility and movement in the joints
  • neutralise the acidity in the horses system
  • increase circulation

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Free Mover Plus Can Make a World of Difference   

Designed with a concentrated blend of Devil's Claw for it's anti-inflammatory properties, Free Mover Plus is designed with herbs that traditionally are used to increase circulation and help keep the joints free of toxins which can build up when the circulation is sluggish. The ideal natural equine joint supplement.                                

Certified Organic and GE Free

All ingredients in Free Mover Plus have been grown and produced without the use of chemical fertilisers or pesticides. This means no hidden or harmful elements, just pure and safe, quality herbs for your animal. Independently audited by Agri-Quality New Zealand's leading organic certification body.

Get your horse's joints working again for as little as $1 a day

You can help your horse's stiff joints by maintaining a healthy musculo-skeletal system and give your horse equine joint supplements for as little as $1 a day. The dried blends can be easily mixed straight into your horses feed. With the liquid extracts, you only need a 20ml dose each day making it a very economical way to supplement your horses feed. A 1 litre  bottle will give the average horse 50 days dosage.

Both the dried and the liquid Free Mover are real customer favourites for older horses that suffer from stiff joints and to keep joints conditioned and free moving. Ideal for horses that are in training and competing.

Hi Jackie,
Just wanted to let you know that me and my old horse Charlie are really enjoying your Free Mover! Charlie is a Gisborne stock horse that had had a hard life as a trekking horse before I got him. He is the first horse I have ever owned and he is now about 26 years with arthritis in his back and legs. The vet advised me that he still needs regular gentle exercise, and he loves to go out. I was worried however about causing him pain and he had started to stumble frequently. I had tried some other non herbal products that were extremely expensive. When I found Free Mover I was delighted. It means that we can still go out on nice quiet rides together, he can still canter along the grassy stop banks and he does not seem sore the next day. He is less stiff in his legs and he doesn’t stumble as much. Free Mover is also more affordable than other alternatives and it is a good feeling to know that it is all herbal. So thanks for a great product that means Charlie and I can still enjoy some nice rides together.
Cheers, Helen.

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Herb Dictionary

Here are just some of the essential herbs for horse arthritis and equine joint supplements. To find out more, click here for your free herb guide.

Devil's Claw (root)
(Harpagophytum Procumbens)

  • Helps maintain a healthy skeletal syst.
  • Ideal for healthy flexible joints
  • Shouldn't be fed to pregnant mares.

White Willow (bark)
(Salix alba)

  • Origin of aspirin
  • Tonic and astringent
  • Good for digestive system.

Meadow Sweet (herb)
(Filipendula ulmaria)

  • Antacid
  • Neutralises the acid in the system.
  • Great for digestive system

Nettles (aerial parts)
(Urtica dioica)

  • Nature's own cleansing tonic.
  • Rich in iron and vitamin C.
  • Increase circulation.

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"My horse (a 24 year old mare) has always suffered from stiff joints . I have been feeding her Brookby Herbs' Free Mover and she's now running around like a two year old. She's a quite a different horse altogether - even the Vet can't believe the difference. I swear by it."
B. Hancock, Stratford, New Zealand

"My horse suffers from stiff joints and I noticed a difference after using Free Mover (Devil's Claw) for three weeks. It transformed him into a new animal; happy and moving about normally. I then tried taking him off the herbs for a week and he has reverted back to his tired old self. I really believe the herbs have given him a new lease of life."
J. Hamilton, Alfriston, New Zealand

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Brookby Herbs recommends seeking
veterinary advice when an animal is unwell.

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