Horses with Colic-Peppermint could be the answer

Horses with colic can be helped with herbs but this is definitely a serious condition that can kill so make sure you ring the vet immediately if you suspect colic in your horse. Peppermint- Mentha x piperita can be used as a preventative and a wonderful digestive aid. To buy mint as an additive for your horse go to this page. and to  read more about Calmer Plus where horses with colic can be helped with herbs such as chamomile.

Peppermints main therapeutic claim to fame is in its ability to relieve bloating, colic and flatulence. It has antispasmodic  effects on the digestive system so is now used in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome. Menthol, which is the volatile oil in peppermint is also antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal.

These are possible symptoms of colic you should look out for. Your horse will show signs of restlessness and unable to decide on standing, rolling or laying down. Change in bowel movements with either diarrhea or very hard dry manure. Horses with colic can also be seen pawing the ground and biting or kicking the stomach.

There are in fact a couple of different types of colic. There is impaction colic where food has become impacted in the large intestine. Spasmodic colic is where the intestine tends to go into a spasm. This is generally caused by nervousness, stress or even parasites.Lastly there is displacement of the large or small intestine.

With regards to using Mint in your horses feed you will find it has a delicious aroma which is hard to refuse. It is considered one of the best digestive aids and will help relax and soothe the digestive tract.

The flavanoids in Mint will stimulate the liver and the menthol oil is antibacterial and anti parasitic. The oils are also used for ulcers and to help with horses with colic. Because Peppermint is anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic  it makes it a very useful herb for problems with the gut and flatulence. You can easily add 20 gms of dried or 1-2 handfuls of fresh mint daily to your horses feed and enjoy the sweet aroma yourself. A beautiful tasty addition to any horses feed. For a specific remedy to help prevent horses get colic please look at the Calmer Plus or if you prefer there is the dried Herbal Calmers.

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Posted: Tue 22 Nov 2011


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