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  • Dog Flea Oil 50 ml
    Flea Oil contains essential oils of Eucalyptus, Lavender, Cedarwood and Pennyroyal andin a Grapeseed oil base. Just dab a little at the back of your dogs head and above their tail for safe and effective control of fleas. A true chemical free method of deterring fleas and ticks. Great when used in conjunction with natural herbal bedding spray.
    NZ$11.75 excl GST
  • A lovely healing anti-inflammatory muscle and joint balm. Made with arnica oil and pure essential oils of rosemary, ginger and peppermint. Rub on any sore or painful joints.
    NZ$12.00 excl GST
  • Natural Herbal Bedding Spray 125 ml
    Sweet fennel and peppermint bedding spray. A beautiful sweet smelling spray to get rid of that doggy smell naturally. This bedding spray contains refreshing botanical oils for a fresh fragrance, while also repelling fleas at the same time. Ideal to use in conjunction with Brookby Herbs flea oil.
    NZ$14.00 excl GST
  • A natural hand crafted chemical free soap containing sweet smelling essential oils. Ideal for the sensitive dog as well as the person doing the washing as it doesn't contain any harsh chemicals.
    NZ$4.00 excl GST
  • Assists the healing of wounds and is recommended for cuts, sores, and wounds on dogs, horses, sheep and cattle.
    Contains sunflower oil, flaxseed or are your, wheat germ oil, karanja oil, castor oil, vitamin E, Manuka essential oil, lavender essential oil,and sweet orange essential oil.
    NZ$11.00 excl GST
  • Aloe Vera Shampoo 250 ml
    A lovely chemical free shampoo with soothing aloe vera. Ideal for dogs with sensitive skin.
    NZ$8.60 excl GST
  • Aloe Vera Shampoo 500 ml
    A lovely chemical free shampoo with soothing aloe vera. Ideal for dogs with sensitive skin.
    NZ$17.35 excl GST

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