Equine Health Problems

lavenderEquine health can be an issue at any stage in your horse’s life, no matter how old or young they are. Natural herbs and equine feed supplements can play an important role in providing safe and effective solutions to most health issues. Herbs have been used for centuries in the maintenance and treatment of health problems both for humans and for horses.

We understand that your horse is a valuable member of your family, and aim to provide the highest standard equine feed supplements to help complement the wellbeing of your pet. You horse deserves the best in medical care and attention, and by providing you with natural horse supplements, you can give your beloved horse a blend of herbal remedies and extracts that have an incredible and positive effect on its overall health. Better yet, all of our equine feed supplements are free from harmful chemicals and nasty additives – you only receive the highest grade natural horse supplement from Brookby Herbs.

Our equine feed supplements are available throughout NZ and the world, with online and secure shopping available for all customers. Through this, we’re able to provide you with our renowned natural equine feed remedies and herbal blends that cater for a number of horse health concerns – from general wellbeing to hayfever or head shaking…there’s a supplement that can cater for your needs.

To find out more about Brookby Herbs and our supplements, please feel free to contact our customer service team. We’re always more than willing to provide you with reliable advice and information that you can trust.

See the list below to find out which herbs can provide natural relief for your equine health issues.

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