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Brookby Herbs have a wide range of organically certified herbal extracts for optimum natural dog and cat health. Select from the products below for further information on how herbs can make a big difference in your animals well being and happiness.

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  • Organic Free Mover Joint Relief
    Dogs that suffer from stiff joints can benefit greatly from natural herbs
  • Organic Calmer
    Dog behaviour problems and dog taining can be helped with herbs
  • Organic Shine For Itchy Allergies
    Itchy skin and minor skin problems can be helped with natural herbs
  • General Health - Organic Herbal Health
    Protect your dog from general pollutants and improve and maintain their quality of life.
  • Home Remedy For Fleas
    Looking for a home remedy for fleas in dogs?
  • Immune Booster
    Coughing in dogs is a sign that something is not quite right.
  • Kidney Health
    This herbal blend is designed for the support and maintenance of a healthy renal system and to increase blood circulation.
  • Senior dogs
    This herbal blend is designed to support and maintain the older dog from a nutritional aspect, helping them to live a long and happy life.
  • Travel Sickness dogs & cats
    Ideal for the nervous traveller, this blend will help relieve the symptoms of travel sickness and stress.
  • Grain Free Dog Food
    Make your own fresh homemade dog food for your dog in minutes. it’s really that easy and that healthy. Some dogs have sensitivities to certain grains and this herbal blend contains no grains, providing a perfect homemade grain-free dog food that can be used every single day.
  • Red Beets -for skin irritations 1 kg
    Red Beets are a highly digestible slow release energy food used to promote healthy metabolism, weight control, and overall health. Red Beets are high in nutrients and low in calories and provide effective, natural detoxification, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant support.