Organically Certified Liquid Herbal Blends

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  • Free Mover Plus- Joint Relief Formula
    Herbs can be used to help maintain a healthy musculo-skeletal system, which is critical in the case of older horses.
  • Steady Mare
    Is your mare showing typical signs of irritability and mood swings on a cyclic basis?
  • Sneeze Free
    Allergies can cause a lot of stress and unpleasant symptoms including head flicking & a runny nose or eyes.
  • Immune Booster Plus
    Horses with a cough or a cold will love these natural herbs for easing symptoms.
  • Valerian Herbal Calmer
    A concentrated calmer for the horse that holds tension in the muscles. Valerian and chamomile are the main ingredients.
  • Calmer Plus (Valerian Free)
    Calm your nervous or excitable horse the natural way. Ideal for horses that are sensitive to the touch.
  • Echinacea Organic Plus
    Echinacea for horses is traditionally used to boost the immune system.
  • Liver Detox Tonic
    A sensible detoxification program combats the effects of stress and environmental factors your horse is subjected to on a daily basis.
  • Performance Plus
    Designed especially to give your horse a little extra when in full work.
  • Rosehip. Garlic & Fenugreek Tonic
    The perfect tonic for daily feeding. Helps build immune system and general well being. Aids digestion and increases strength in hooves.