Organic Calmer

Organic Calmer
Dog behaviour problems and dog taining can be helped with herbs
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Herbs can be emotionally balancing and can help with dog behaviour problems and with dog training. Calming herbs are great to help combat excitability and anxiety. They can also help your dog cope with the stress of travelling, or being left in boarding kennels. Herbs can:
  • help reduce anxious dog behaviour or nervousness
  • calm down hyperactive dogs
  • settle an upset digestive system due to tension
  • relieve separation anxiety
  • help dogs that experience stress from travelling
  • help relax dogs for better performance during competitions
  • assist in dog training obedience lessons

A few drops a day to soothe your dog's troubles away

Traditionally used for relaxing and conditioning the nervous system and helping to soothe nervous tension. Organic Calmer is a wonderful blend of calming herbs to help reduce anxiety. It is a great tonic to have on hand for times of stress and emotional upheaval to help your dog's state of mind and for your own peace of mind. Help bring tranquility to your dog today. To treat anxious dog behaviour then reach for a bottle of Oranic Calmer.

Contains: Chamomile, Vervain, Skullcap, Dandelion, Rosehips, Kelp, organic blended Manuka honey, based in organic cider vinegar.

Restore the emotional balance in your dogs behaviour for as little as $6 per month

For as little as $6 a month you can help ease away the tension and stress, making your dog feel secure and contented. This herbal extract comes in a concentrated form, so you only need to feed small amounts (5-10 drops twice daily) using the easy dropper dispenser. Drops can be fed either via food, water or directly into the mouth.

Herb Dictionary

Here are just some of the essential herbs for dealing with dog behaviour problems and to assist with dog training. To find out more, click here for your free herb guide.

Chamomile (flower)
(Matricaria Chamomilla

  • Natures own calmer.
  • Soothing pain relief.
  • Helps digestive disorders.
  • Useful for menstrual cramps.


Vervain (leaf and flower head)
(Verbena officinalis)

  • Natures tension reliever
  • Restores the nervous system.
  • Good for animals that are sensitive to the touch.

Skullcap (leaf)
(Scutellaria laterifolia)

  • Natural sedative.
  • Relieves nervous stress
  • Nervine.

Dandelion (leaf & root)
(Taraxacum officinalis)

  • Rich in vitamins A,B,
    C, D.
  • Cleanses the blood.
  • Aids digestion.
  • Stimulates appetite.

Dosage: For small dogs 5-10 drops twice daily. Mix in with food or water.

Medium to large dogs 10-15 drops twice daily

A 3.4 oz bottle contains approximately 3-4 months dosage.

These herbal extracts have a shelf life of 2 years.


Contains: Chamomile, Vervain, Skullcap, Dandelion, Rosehips, Kelp, organic blended Manuka honey, based in organic cider vinegar.

"Bo the Dalmation is still doing much better on the herbs, in fact he can now get up on the bed by himself some days and not be lifted. He is also much calmer with other dogs and in fact plays with them in the park now. He used to love this but stopped when he was bitten by another dog about 2 years ago. Until he was on your calming herb he would growl at the other dogs if they came near him but now he has a short play. Can we place another order for exactly the same. We are finding the herbs work really well"


Calming Herbs for Dogs

"I have 2 Standard Schnauzers that were typically over diligent and bark at anything and everything.  After using the Organic Calmer for about 6 weeks - once a day,  I, my husband and neighbours have all noticed a MAJOR change in their behaviour - they are both much more relaxed.  Thank you so much for making my life easier. Thanks again"  C. Wilson, Qld, Australia 

"We have a boxer who I would describe as incredibly exciteable and energetic, always wanting attention and games. Unfortunately she goes from morning till night which wears us all out. I tried using the Organic Calmer in the hope of getting a bit of rest and I have to say it worked perfectly. She happily takes the drops then quite quickly lies down and has a rest for a while. It has been a miracle for us all. "
M. TrenterClevedon, NZ.

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